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50-60$ Headphones - And details of what I'm searching for.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

50-60$ Budget.

I have been really indecisive about my pick on headphones/headset.
Too many reasons to pick regular headphones over headset yet that extra addition to a mic really makes me lean more to the headset side.

So I looked through a ton of reviews, and what strikes me down on the HS50 is Hardware Canucks review on it. It's normal looking, has a decent mic and looks to be very comfortable.
Not gonna embarrass my parents when going outside and It's not so surround that I can't hear anything from the outside(important when you live with a family that always call you)

But then a ton of reviews and comments says [Good for games, not for music] I listen to a lot of music, most likely because I'm a novel addict and can't read novels without music. So here's a question, does it sound good? I don't know a single thing about audio and never really bought a proper headphone at all, so nothing to differentiate to.

For modmic users out there, I can't buy it, at all. It is not available in my country. I can't just buy a headphone without a mic since I need it to practice my English and Chinese with my friends and play games with them, at the least that's my excuse to buying them without being questioned by my strict mom about using money :Sweat:

Maybe there's other alternative out there? I'll check it out if anyone got some. Country/Malaysia 

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Posted · Original PosterOP
3 minutes ago, kittygamer2023 said:

would u want wired, Bluetooth or wireless (usb)

Wired no doubt. I've had a friend who said that Bluetooth is superior and immediately gets roasted by 12 people. Crap jokes aside, I've always assumed that a good Bluetooth headphones are expensive and not so good.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, kittygamer2023 said:

HS50 is definitely my main choice currently. Looks sleek and coupled with the detachable mic and affordable price, there's really not many contenders (I think?) out there.

The Stinger, that headphone looks too wonky and a bit indoor only. Aside from that, my friend has them and they're apparently so good that when he heard that I'm searching for a headphone he immediately recommended it x30.

Corsair Void, that headphone looks absolutely gorgeous to me, but it's definitely not something that I'll bring to occasional family meetings and abundance of work meetings. It's also apparently better than the HS50 by only a margin.

Damn, this is why I'm indecisive.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Just now, kittygamer2023 said:

Hs50 is a great choice and there really is not a better option for your price range

Okay, thanks a lot for the suggestion! I've heard a lot of good things about HS50 and can't wait for its arrival when I get down to buying it. It's not too goofy and I can definitely wear it to meetings without getting weird looks haha.

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You'll want headphones, open-back so that you can still engage the world around you.

For cheap, 

For the microphone I'd suggest cheap but quality and these kits are being sold; something to consider.

If a setup like that isn't appealing with the XLR; there are some USB microphones like snowball ice and etc.

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ah man I would go with the Corsair VOID, I see what you said in the previous reply but they are honestly pretty great, I just recently purchased a pair, and honestly do not regret it all all, they really are pretty awesome! they have some bad reviews, but they work perfect for everyday music, gaming, mic is really not that bad. great pair. Worth IT!

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