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Default Wraith Prism Air Cooler Vs 120mm AIO liquid Cooler?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So just got my new Ryzen 2700x and damn that chip is hot even at stock settings 1.33V. I was using an 120mm AIO push-pull config with my previous 1600X which could have it go up to 75C. But now with 2700x at 1.33V stock it goes up to 86C CPU Di and 79C CPU. 
Can the included stock air cooler can perform any better??

And one thing, I stressed my cpu in aida64 for 20mins to see if this is stable at 1.33V and it passed the test. Will it be able to stay stable at this voltage for long-term usage ?

console.log("way to pro");

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the wraith cooler will probably perform nearly the same. but then most 120mm aio are just the same thing as an air cooler but it will take longer to heat up. 

ask me about your system builds, AIO's, CPU's, PSU's, and GPU's.

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