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Best GPU with NVENC/VCE support

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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a good value (/or even cheap) GPU that supports NVENC or VCE for 4K60. For NVENC I found that you need at least a GM20x chip, but I couldn't find any information on the AMD side. (Btw it's not necessary that this card is a gaming-"beast", I really need that cheap 4K60 streaming-support.) So I hope you can help me with my questiion regarding the needed chip for AMD and which card to choose overall with the best value or at the cheapest price point.



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The lowest and oldest model that I know support nvenc is GTX 650, I was considering getting one fr my streaming machine but since the price is quite similar with GTX 750, I go with that instead.

As for 4k and 60fps, I have no idea, since the limitation is my internet and output screen.


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