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Ryzen 5 2600x build on a B350 PC Mate mobo not posting

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So I just put together a brand new system, everything is brand new except for the gpu (750 tI) Its all said and done, turns on, but no post. We already have taken out the gpu so that is not the problem, we tried resetting the cmos with a screwdriver, not sure if it did the trick but was attempted. Not sure what is going wrong here. Any ideas? any help?

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Probably an old BIOS.


The second gen Ryzen need a newer BIOS to function on B350 boards as the CPUs came out after the boards. 


You need to update the BIOS. Since you need a CPU to do so here is a list of things you can do.


1. Go to a local tech store to ask them to update the BIOS or if they have an AMD bootkit you can borrow.


2. Find a friend with 1st gen Ryzen and ask if you can borrow the CPU to update the mobo.


3. Order a free bootkit from AMD to update the BIOS. You will have to pay a small depositum to do so though.



Edit: if others have other troubleshootingsteps i suggest you try them first

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