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Hey there,


my new case for showcasing some RGB is on its way. i got an Asus Mainboard with 2 RGB Headers, so all i need is some god damn light.

I have to admit due to the sheer amout of stuff tagged RGB i have trouble finding the right accesioirs.

1.) What i wanna do:



This badboy is gonna be lit, so i wanna

a.) Center a white LED FAN on the front. Np, i use the 4 outer screwholes for the 4x120mm fans, and get a "bridge" piece to mount. No Problem here.
b) I want a square RGB Lighting arround the fan. So i´d use those [AMAZON LINK] in the corners. But on thoose pictures i encoured the first problem where i need your help. 1st Pic, all is fine and dandy with |+|R|G|B| but in the 2nd pic it shows |+|G|R|B  i saw contless stripes with similar problems. Im afraid if i connect them to my already lit mainboard and ram it will be out of sync or something due to |G| and |R| switched. Do i need to "crosssolder" the stripes to get a straight "RGB" line?
c) Due to the lenght of Stripes needed (about 1,2m Front, and both sides) i wanna buy bulk. 5m Roll like this AMAZON LINK (which also is labeld GRB not RGB). i dont wanna buy 20$ stripes from Asus or Phantek per 30cm, so i wanna DIY (DIM?). How far can i adapt them withou getting in trouble? also, i just have 2 RGB Connectors, so i need to Y-Adapt the both side panel sets. I found plenty of Hardware AMAZON LINK which could support, but what is "better" to receive a full lit case which i can controll via Aura Software. Only 1 2-Way Splitter , or rather an 8-Way to adress each of the 4 strips needed per Panel?

If i could profit from someones experience, that would be super nice :)

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1 hour ago, DudefromHamburg said:


For those corner sections they don't really matter as long as the two joining LED strips match themselves correctly. What will be important is that they match the configuration on your motherboard's RGB header, most are +12|G|R|B. 


As for splitters if you want one with maxillary power input XSPC makes an 8 way one, it will all be group controlled via a single main input. 



-Moved to Modding Section- 

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