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Logitech Acquires Blue Microphones for $117 million cash

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Logitech's gone a bit dark lately...much less advertising.  I think they're depending on brand loyalty and word of mouth and reviews to keep them in the public eye.  Even so, they seem to be doing alright.  Maybe they believe that their acquisitions are a quicker way to remain relevant and technically up to date.  Plenty of companies buy other companies or license technology when it's cheaper than doing their own R&D on a product or they feel it will position them to more quickly put out a product to rival a competitor's product.  I'm really curious what kind of cross-company tech-sharing's going on behind the scenes with them.

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I'm a bit pessimistic maybe but I find big brands can end up destroying smaller brands, I'm talking unintentionally, I would imagine competitors can be deliberately bought up and buried too.


From what I've seen, there are some possible bad scenarios.


1. Quality goes down, big company buys it, decides that small scale local bespoke manufacturing costs too much, let's make it in Generic Crap Factory #274 overseas instead.


2. The essence of the brand gets lost in the big brand. A company that may be known for innovation gets snuffed out as it's too radical for the conservative big brand, it's cheaper that the amazing tech support gets disbanded and big brands crappy support team will cover it and so on.


3. Potential innovation and integration doesn't get done and sub brands just stagnate. What could be an amazing opportunity to apply design and tech from one brand to improve all product lines is squandered and products from different sub brands just don't work well with each other even though they are under the one brand umbrella. It should be amazing and it's just meh.



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This makes a lot of sense from Logitech's perspective.  Blue's microphones are frequently recommended and are a staple accessory as much as any popular Logitech or Corsair thing, so I'm sure they'll do well with this.  I also expect they'll take the tech and integrate it into their other products, (potentially) in addition to continuing to sell the same things.  One thing I'd like to see is the capsule(s) from the Blue Yeti as a standalone product with dual XLR outputs.  The regular one has only USB, meaning an integrated preamp and ADC, and the "pro" has an upgraded version of that same hardware as well as a stereo XLR out, but for those who would like to get a separate interface for the purpose of making the mic itself lighter and smaller, improving upgradability, expanding the range of gain (even min on these is kinda high in some use cases) and of course lowering the cost (at least of the mic, maybe not of the whole package), that would be a nice option.  It isn't by any means the most amazing condenser mic capsule in the world, but it's really rather good, and with a higher end interface it could really shine.  The main reason I like it is it's not just one capsule, but in fact 3 which allows it to act as a mono cardioid, omni, figure 8, and even stereo which you will not find in any other product at its pricepoint as far as I am aware.

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