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The Level 10 Nodeland

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone, we're starting a new project now that the MKII is done... Specifically because I tripped over a beauty on the used market.


The Level 10. I bought it from a fella in Nodeland, which sounds like such a cool place I'm naming the build after it... :D 




To start with today, we've got a simple mod installed.





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Posted · Original PosterOP

This is the 2009/2010 version, so you can't get this either on the market anymore I think... xD


I just happened to find someone selling it used. He'd apparently bought it a few years ago and tired of it, so here we are. :) 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well, finally time for an update. Sorry for being slow. I've been tinkering with making it in CAD, since I'm broke af.


Now that was a decent starting point, but I kept working on it. A general concept I'm liking is this:


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