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New Microphone is very bad Auna 900b

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So for some reason my new microphone i bought with a stand and a pop filter is worse then my hyper x cloud 2 mic,

the new microphone picks up way more of the keyboard then the hyper x, why did i even buy a pop filter if it doenst do anything?


Another thing is that im very quiet and have to set the level of the mic to 100 so im loud enough  ( https://gyazo.com/67dbeaad3b695e2cf2dd9d5172a66393 ), which i think causes another isse: its rushing (or hissing?) pretty loud.


1 thing that i also miss is that there is no fifth tab on the top of the settings for the mic ( https://gyazo.com/5aae2103279c3e63d13f45249dd477cc ), why do i not have the option to supress rushing like on other mics ive had?


Another thing is that my friends said its echoing a bit.


This is the first mic on a stand so maybe i have to position it diffrent? I tried out having it to the left of my face. haveing it up left to my screen up left to the keyboard, but it all makes no diffrence.


Right now i am very close the the mic and still have to set the level to 100 so you can here me, ive also installed the latest realtek audio driver. At this point i guess ill just send it back. Someone has ideas to fix my problems or can help ? Thanks !

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