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Top fan in BQ Dark Base 700

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just bought this case + two additional Silent Wings 3 140 fans so now I have 2 on the front, 1 back and 1 top.

The question is - should the fan on the top be pull or push for the best cooling performance?

CPU is AC with pretty beefy radiator.

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23 hours ago, EsaT said:

Heat rises up > Top fans should be exhaust.

Irrelevant. It depends more about CPU cooler than anything else. Air moves in case where fans blow/suck it. If you have every watched smoke tests, this becomes obvious. Only if air is still and there isn't anything to move it, then it follows laws of nature. In PC case this does happen, but in places where there are no fans, no components and it doesn't matter.


23 hours ago, isaac65536 said:

CPU is AC with pretty beefy radiator.


Can you be more specific? If its dual tower, I'd say top intake with filter might be better. If its single tower or facing towards top, then top should be exhaust.

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