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LG V10 replacement, up to 700€

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone !


I am currently looking for a new smartphone to replace my LG V10. There are a few models that catched my eye, and I can't quite make my choice. Also I may be unaware of other brands/models, font hesitate to give advices.


My budget will be around 700€, but that would only be for the best phone of the year honestly. Closer to 600€ is better. (I live in France).


Here are the phones that make me hesitate :


-Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (650€)


-LG V30 (550€)


-Huawei P20 Pro (could be obtained around 700€ for now)


-Huawei Mate 10 (450€ today)


-OnePlus 6 (havent checked its size, 450€)


I was also wondering if it would be worth it to wait for the release of newer models this summer, mainly the LG V40 or the Oppo Find X. But they will be pretty expensive at the start so I doubt I'll be able to afford them. And I will definitely not be able to wait for a Galaxy S10, or afford a Note 9.


Things that matter to me :


-screen size. I like big screens, and preferably wide ones. The reason why I won't consider the regular S9 is because the screen is just tall but not wide enough, that combined with the curved sides means not comfortable for watching videos and using it in general (tried it, didnt enjoy it).


-screen quality. 1080p or 1440p are both fine if the colors and display are beautiful. Higher resolution is better but if it means a huge drop in battery life, then it's not worth it.


-audio quality. The main reason I stayed with LG for so long and why the V30 is for now my prefered opion despite the known screen issues. This is going to be the main selling point as I listen to music a lot. So I want to know what are the jack dongles worth on the Huawei phones. I use Beyerdynamics Custom Studio 80 Ohm headphones, and like loud and bassy music, so if I'd need an external Amp to make it work, I can remove them from my list. The LG V10 has no problem driving it. I don't know how Samsung phones and Huawei dongles would handle it.


-battery life. I want to be able to stay a whole day without charging and without having to downgrade the screen quality. My day usualy consists of 3 hours of web browsing, a good hour of video watching, maybe half an hour of games and the regular texting through Discord and Messenger (I probably spend a total of 2 hours of SoT in Discord). My LG V10 used to be able to hold that, but now the battery starts to unload pretty fast. Idealy I should be able to do all of that and still have a bit of battery left.


-Software updates. The main downside of LG phones is that by the time you get an android update you're almost already behind again. I am going to keep the phone for at least two years, so I'd like to at least get the next Android version and not be stuck at Oreo.


-While I don't take a lot of photos or videos, I'd still like a decent camera. The LG V10 makes photos look like oil paintings when you zoom in, which is far from the best. But the overall quality is good enough for me.


Any feedback or advice is welcome. Especialy feedback regarding the jack dongles, and how all those phones handle 80Ohm headphones (DT770, Custom Studio...).


I also heard of Xiaomi, but never saw much of their products. Do what are they worth ?


Also in case it wasnt obvious : no iPhones. They have everything I dont like : big bezels, rather small screens, too expensive, no audio jack anymore, meh battery life. And I am not going back to Apple now that I tried Android.


Thanks for your help, sorry for the long (but hopefuly detailed) post.

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I would go with the S9+


It's a great phone and still includes a headphone jack and has an excellent camera.



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I have the LG G6 and my friend owns a V20 (spare phone) and a V30 which I find to be a very impressive phone for the price. So, my vote would be for the V30/V30+...

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I vote OnePlus 6 because the stock android flowless camera (for the price) and amazing speed + I think the it is the most 'futureproof' from your list (it's not going to slow down as the others). And yeah, Xiaomi is good company but this year the OnePlus 6 beats the Xiaomi Mi8. If u would ask is last year, I would recommend the Xiaomi Mi6 overall.

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