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HWMonitor shows extremely high tempratures

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, I wanted to see the temperature of my motherboard's southbridge and VRM and since neither Aida64 not Afterburner shows it I downloaded HWMonitor. If I understand correctly the VRM's, southbridge's and chipset's tempratures are reported from one of the TMPINs, the problem is that TMPIN2 and TMPIN5-6 show ridiculously high tempratures, 113c, 108c and 105c. Other programs say that the motherboard is running at 39c, and since both my CPU and GPU temperatures are pretty fine (42c and 45c) I'm pretty concerned, it's summer here and it's hot so I would understand high temperatures but not 113c. Are these numbers accurate? Should I get a chipset cooler? Does removing the heatsink of the chipset in order to install the cooler void the warranty? My motherboard is an Asus Prime Z270-K. I've included a screenshot of the program, thanks in advance. EDIT: Also, how can I learn which is which? Which TMPIN shows what, motherboard manual says nothing about that.


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I usually identify VRM TMPIN ID by starting up a heavy CPU load and watch the values rise. Whichever one starts to climb the fastest is usually the VRM Temp.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So searching the web for similar problems again (no idea why not many showed up the first time) it turns out that HWMonitor is in fact inaccurate, some say that it's a bug wheres others say that the program shows the unused thermal sensors as overheated. If anyone else has the same problem, worry not.

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