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HD 7850 Screen Flickering

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So I am running a dual monitor setup atm and wanted to do some overclocking. When I decided to OC my GPU by 10 MHz the screen started to flicker so I returned the value and it fixed it. The issue is, is that the memory clock stays at 1200 MHz base but a +5 MHz OC on the core drops it to 150 MHz. I tried doing OC on my main monitor and it works perfectly my OC's so I plugged the 2nd one right back in and still getting flickering.


Driver: 18.6.1

GPU: MSI Radeon HD 7850

Monitor 1: Dell SP2309W (HDMI)

Monitor 2: Samsung SyncMaster226bw (DVI)

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clearly the gpu doesn't want to be overclocked and you're better off not overclocking a 7850 which would be like overclocking a pentium 4. Not in terms of reliability , but in terms of speed there not a whole lot to gain here.

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