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invisible file taking up all the space in my phone

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hello I have nexus 5 rooted phone. yesterday I installed lineageOS (first I have cyanogenmod and i format the phone everything is gone) so i could play oldschool runescape mobile but now today I want to put naruto episodes on my phone to watch in bed and now it's full.

In "other"files it says there is 6.38gb. I click on it there is 0byte in all files i see. I connect it to PC there is barely any files on it when I check. Maybe 300mb total not 6gb.


Also someone said on another website to install astro file manager and then check to show invisible files but i tried that and i dont see invisible files



What do i do to make the space free??

Thanks goodbye

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try installing a root file manager that can see hidden files and deleting them,could be some leftover stuff from previous rom

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From my limited playing with lineageOS 8.1 rom on the nexus 5, it wasn't good... I ended up going for the revolution remix rom 8.1, and have not found any problems so far, apart from the phone not turning off properly, you have to force shutdown or go into bootloader and shutdown from there.

Sorry I don't have anything about your curretn problem, just saying that I found the above rom much less buggy and more refined IMO.

Please quote my post, or put @paddy-stone if you want me to respond to you, I may not see your post otherwise.


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