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I bought a G4560 for just £40 and put it under a 120mm AIO ....

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... Without a fan:




Also there were an additional 20 loops already done prior to these, and the CPU and Ram tests were done separately. 


(My ram is boosted to just 1.35, and my H170 mobo allows limited ram OCing up to the XMP frequency only, but then voltage and timings controll as normal).


The only fan inside is the PSU fan, and unfortunately it doesnt have a fanless mode on low power use, but its silent anyway. My 200mm case fan is also silent and keeps my max temp at 48c on this CPU, and I'll be plugging it back in anyway, just tried stressing fanless for fun.



*Note that the AIO is an Antec Kuhler 620 that I've already had sat collecting dust for ages, I didnt sell it because the Intel backplate snapped when I previously removed it, but it still installs and works fine, just that the corners of the backplate are no longer fully connected.



Linus is my fetish.

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Material is better suited as a status update.

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