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Should my CPU fan reach max speed this frequently?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have an X6 1100T with the stock fan and heat sink, and everytime I start playing a game, the fan goes full blast and makes so much noise.

I know the stock fan is a noisy piece of crap from reviews, but is it normal for CPU fans in general to go on full blast while playing games?

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If it is a game that is CPU intensive, then I would suppose so.

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What's your cooler and clock speed?


I have an X6 1100T with the stock fan and heat sink

OP:you might need to replace the thermal paste

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Posted · Original PosterOP

OP:you might need to replace the thermal paste

Oh I bought it used, so it didn't come with stock thermal paste. I used some kind of cooler master paste, don't remember what kind but it wasn't very expensive.

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I would try monitoring your CPU temps and fans when you are gaming using HWInfo to see what kind of temps you have.

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The stock heatsink for am3+ 125w cpu's (the one with the actual heatpipes) can have it's fan hit up to 6k rpm to keep it cool. The thing becomes noticeably audible after about 3k .. which doesn't take too much of a load to do depending on how steep your pwm slope & temp targets are for the bios fan profile.

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Sure when you are gaming CPU is near to 100% use. If you haven't set any custom fan curve, mobo will try to speed up cooler to get CPU towards some preset temp threshold. So yeah, its normal. If it would that randomly you'd be having problem. From older system I just rebuilt I noticed that that mobo is set for optimal load temp of 65C. So whenever mobo sees CPU getting hotter than 65 it will speed up fan to get it cool towards that 65C.

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