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Audio Technica vs SteelSeries

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I know Audio Technica is a professional monitoring headphone, but hear me out.


I'm debating between buying the Audio Technica M30x and the Steelseries Arctis 3 Bluetooth


I want a pair of headphones for music, gaming and occasional music/video production. It would be of great convenience to have wireless headphones since I will be bringing it to school everyday. 


My main concern is, how is the audio quality of the Steelseries Arctis 3? How is the audio quality when using Bluetooth? How about when it is plugged in using the headphone jack? How does the audio quality of the headset itself when plugged in compare to the Audio Technica M30x? 


If the difference is little between the two pairs, I'll take the Arctis 3. I really like the look of the Arctis 3. After all, I still care about how I look xD

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Aesthetics ARE a consideration. Hell, I know some parties don't like the little brushed aluminum boxes scattered about my PC (i.e., Schiit Audio DAC, switch, 4-channel equalizer, headphone amplifier).  Re: Bluetooth audio quality. I can't deny the convenience of being wireless (if I'm using them outside, that'd make sense to me).  I did a quick troll of 'Arctis' in the murky waters of headfi dot org. I didn't seen anyone crap on the brand. Audio-Technica has headphones that users either love of despise.

I don't want to muddy the waters too much.  @Max_Settings & @GamerDude ... any comments about the Arctis (they're the stick-it-all-the-way-into-yer-ear-canal jobs, right?). :ph34r:

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