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This Laptop Does EVERYTHING! Sorta. - Dell XPS 2-in-1 2018

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Linus he's Pink Lambo makes every car enthusiast cream uncontrollably until he :

  1. Shuts off the engine.
  2. Gets out of their line of sight/firing line.
  3. Revs it up so high their eardrums blow and as a chain-reaction they go blind for five years without any medical reason.

When the PC is acting up haunted,

who ya gonna call?
"Monotone voice" : A local computer store.

*Terrible joke I know*


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Does linus not know that the MBP 15" has 4 thunderbolt 3 ports?

Only the 13" version has two.

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5 minutes ago, Enderman said:

Does linus not know that the MBP 15" has 4 thunderbolt 3 ports?

Only the 13" version ahs two.

What, do you expect basic research? That seems awfully hard. 


Oh, and only the non-TB 13" only has two, the other has four too.

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1. 16gig RAM is only available with 4K (last time I checked), which is disappointing because of the price and the battery life


2. Are you considering making a video on HP spectre x360? The new one which also comes with integrated vega. They seem to be direct competitors imo, the idea looks quite similar, and I would actually like to see how they compare to each other. Assuming slightly better price for Spectre (at least in the UK)

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I would love to see you guys add an external GPU testing section/ segment. When a laptop has thunderbolt ports. I'm curious what the performance increase is. 


I'm looking toward a use case where I could use this to take notes and do work stuff, then plug into a external GPU setup with another monitor at home.

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2 hours ago, AlexTheGreatish said:

The XPS 2-in-1 does everything, by compromising everything.  But can we accept those compromises?


Buy the XPS 15 2-in-1
On Amazon: http://geni.us/Vd3l
On Newegg: http://geni.us/p93Gt


The surface pen has a softer tip with a bit of give and a tiny bit more friction. ;) -- @LinusTech circa 2018


Seriously speaking though, while I'm an XPS die-hard, I cannot disagree with the Surface Pro and Pen as being the best Windows based ink and pen option for professional artists, period. Unless you've somehow managed to figure out a workflow that makes sense using Apple's completely business-unfriendly iOS platform on the iPad Pro - then I applaud you.

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Nope... I'd spend the $500 for the surface if needed the portability. Those hinges are a nightmare, esp when they get old, and are not worth the "savings".


Also rip caramel coffee.

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yoga 720 > all

Judge the product by it's own merits, not by the Company that created it.



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Right now its 170 off, upgrade the ram for 100 and the display to the 4k and it will change to the 1999 spec but still give the 170 savings on the upper build. Then use promo 200off1699 and it brings the price to a modest 1629 for the i7 model with 4k screen (100% Adobe rgb), 16gb Ram and 256gb ssd (easy to swap yourself with a 1tb for 200). That was enough for me to take the plunge to have a dedicated travel laptop for photography and videography work, and leave the gaming laptop at home for work trips. 

SLI 1070 Setup for sale!!!

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