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should i use sd card as memory for windows?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i was thinking of extending my ram on my laptop and i have a memory card lying around.i tried searching but couldnt find a good amount of detail.

windows allows optimizing sd cards and using them as ram but also says it works well on builds with less amount of ram.id like to know how much of a boost can one expect out of those since a ram would be much faster than an sd card.

my laptop has 8gb ram,i5-6200u,nvidea 940mx-2gb and sadly an hdd.


should i use the sd card?

and will using it like that degrade it over time since im assuming it'll constantly write and read all the time?

sorry if i made a mistake or something as im using the forum for the first time.

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You could use it but it wont be very effective as some can be pretty slow. Im not entirely sure if it would bring the speeds down on your other ram like if you put DDR4 2400 with DDR4 3200 it will bring the speeds down to 2400. I found a guide if you actually decide to do it though. https://technoclever.com/how-to-use-memory-sd-card-as-ram-in-windows-10-8-8-1-xp.html 

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It might not be a good idea coz of two reason a)sd cards are slower than ram sticks and b)sd card degrade faster in that configuration
P.S-I have similar config as you i7-7500U &940mx 4GB and 8Gb ram,I bought a extra ram and ssd and my system runs noticebly better/faster than before

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Please don't.

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If you're talking about the "ReadyBoost" feature, that's basically just cache. And it could make things worse due to the either the SD Card's actual performance or the performance of the reader. A lot of readers are really hooked up via USB 2.0, limiting their usefulness for "high performance" applications.

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I would not trust SD cards. They are really slow and won't make your system snappy in any way. Try saving up for an SSD, they are getting substantially cheaper nowadays.

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20 minutes ago, Windows OS said:

Also, someone correct me if I am wrong, but aren't SD cards slower than HDDs?

In some cases, considerably slower, depending on the age of the SD card. They have been around since 1999, and the old ones are *really* slow, like IDE speed slow...

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