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Mobo will not boot at all with two CPUs installed?

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

I have a Tyan S7012 that I want to put two Xeon x5660s in. However, whenever I try to bootup with both CPUs installed, it will never boot, let alone post. Ive tested both CPUs in socket 0 and when theyre on their own, the system works fine. At first I suspected bent pins or a dead socket but no of the pins are bent and the CPU in socket 1 is recieving power and heats up. Im not sure if that means anything in terms of a bad socket or what, but I am theroughly perplexed. Ive done one stick of ram in every slot possible and still nothing. What am I missing?


EDIT: I also have updated the BIOS to the latest version and reset CMOS.

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Do you have memory available for the socket 1 side?  Ex., do you have both Channel A and Channel D filled?  Make sure memory's in the right spot, etc.  Check the manual for block diagrams:




Also verify the memory you're using on both CPUs is the same type and density (requirement for this board).

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Posted · Original PosterOP

The RAM is identical and registered ECC.  Ill try doing one stick in A1 and another in D1. but I have been giving both CPU's RAM. The odd thing is, the board will never even start to begin to boot. The LED readout that gives you those error codes and such doesn't even light up at all.

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