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Need help with Uplay

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Im having some problem with Uplay. It tells me that there is no connection but I have a stable internet connection. This problem started after I started downloading For Honor, the download went to about 5% with speeds of 10kbps :). Then Uplay stopped connecting. Ive tried many fixes (except for a fix with told me to fiddle around in the host directory in System32). Has anyone else been having this problem? and how do I fix it?

Uplay prob.png

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Get a free VPN as a temporary thing and try to download? Sometimes CDNs just blacklist you for some reason.

Want to know which mobo to get?


Choose whatever you need. Any more, you're wasting your money. Any less, and you don't get the features you need.


Only you know what you need to do with your computer, so nobody's really qualified to answer this question except for you.


chEcK iNsidE sPoilEr fOr a tREat!

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Ask the ubisoft support. They take around 4 days to answer (might be that they had a lot of tickets due to there login problems last week) but if uplay sucks why not give the support some work.

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