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Best Resources to Learn c++

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What are the best resources to learn c++? Anything that actually explains what you inputing and why because I've read a few but there just kinda like "oh put in this and it will do this and now you can program."

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www.cplusplus.com is great for beginners, and has a lot of reference for those who are slightly more advanced.

HTTP/2 203

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"Beginning C++ Through Game Programming" - by Michael Dawson




Read this over the summer and helped a lot with brushing up my understanding of the language.  If you read through the book, try and write the same programs as the author as you're reading, and do the practice exercises at the end of each chapter...you will get your $20 worth out of this book.  All of the programs you write are very simplistic games that you can play through the console, so it is quite engaging. 

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