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Which of theese ICs can handle 250ma?

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I'm looking for a WS IC to output RGB to a piece of an LED strip, although I'm struggling to understand the specs they provide related to draw and output. What is the maximum output in amps for these chips? Is it safe to connect 2ft of led strip (300amps max draw when all RGB full brightness 12v) to any of these chips?


I'm trying to avoid needing to use Transistors on the RGB outs for cost reasons.


Thanks for the help!

Computers r fun

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The WS chips like the WS2811 have an IC for each led. They're designed to be daisy chained and addressable.


Why not buy an addressable LED strip in the first place ?


You can control each LEDs RGB values and brightness individually, much better than just an RGB strip and plug and play with an off the shelf uC, just need a power supply.


The WS2801 shows using a transistor for higher current output/high voltage strings.

2 hours ago, TheNuzziNuzz said:

I'm trying to avoid needing to use Transistors on the RGB outs for cost reasons.

A 300mA transistor ?


Cost is peanuts.


Downside is having to be a bit more on the ball with selecting parts and circuit design, like base and pull up/down resistors, protection diodes and so on.

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5 hours ago, TheNuzziNuzz said:

300amps max draw



1. check which voltage you want 5, 12 and 24V is aviable depending on the ic

2. the WS2832 is not a RGB contoller

3. WS2811 and WS2818 are timining senestive and might need a additional capacitor

4. use transistor for this many leds. non of those chips can supply enough power for 0.6m led strip.


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