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What are these little holes in ram sticks for?

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idk, but i used those holes to have ramsticks on my Keychain together with a CPU.  didnt last long as it broke off relativly shortly.


could be leftovers from manufacturing when they were used to handle the ramsticks without touching any important components.

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For a key fob, of course!


Image result for ram keyring

Actually I'm not sure, might be something left over from manufacturing, in the same way that injection molded plastics have those little circles on them.


I'm keeping everything else the way it was for anyone who might check out my answers in future, but I won't be using LTT.





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its for the extremely niche and almost entirely unused horizontal ram mounts for desktop PCs

think laptop memory, and the way its inserted:


Same thing, but in some of those angled slots theres a little pin or semi-sphere inside the slot that holds the ram in place after you push it down. along with the metal arms that clip into the side notches

almost nobody uses angled or horizontal ram slots for desktop DIMMs anymore, but its just something thats been in the standards and must stay

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3 hours ago, Valkyrie Lenneth said:

i think those are press holes from the manufacturing machine for the pcb, to grab them quickly ect,  however can also be for horizontal mounting but i doubt hori mounting

That seems like a good idea. Maybe it is for fast and efficient positioning in the stamping/cutting machine

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