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Headphone quality from front panel is bad

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My speakers plugged into the motherboard sound fine, but when I plug headphones into the front panel, the headphones almost sound like they are trying to do surround sound. I can hear audio, but, it sounds awful. When I plug the speakers into the front panel, audio sounds fine. When I plug the headphones into the motherboard, audio sounds fine. It makes no sense. Only the front panel with the headphones have an issue. I have the updated drivers for Realtek Audio. Please give me any suggestions. Thanks.

Motherboard- MSI Z370 PC PRO
Case- Fractal Design Meshify C

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From my experience, front panel always sucked, no matter the manufacturer of the case. Suppose you feel its easier for you to access front panel, i suggest get an cable extender (plug it to the mobo) as audio will be better from the mobo compared to the front panel..

Cpu R5 1600 @3.7ghz - MB Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 - RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GBx2 @3000mhz - GPU Palit GTX 1070ti Dual - Storage Kingston FuryX 120GB SSD, WD 500GB Green HDD, Seagate 1TB HDD - PSU Seasonic X650 - Case Sharkoon S25-W - Display Zowie XL2411 - Peripherals Filco Ninja Browns, Zowie FK2 & Qck Hyperbeast Ed.

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The cable that goes from the motherboard to the front panel is generally fairly poorly shielded so you get a lot of noise from the power cables around inside the case. As others have said, get an extension and plug into the back of your computer.

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Front panel connectors are not high quality. I only use the USB ports in the front, and anything audio is from the motherboard.


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