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RGB RAM or Motherbaord that Support DDR4-3000 and Ryzen 2nd Gen Please

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone.....recently I was canvassing PC components for building my first custom Ryzen PC Build. I had some choices already but, then when I came across manufacturer pages of my core components, I found a great incompatibility amongst my parts.


Here are my originally chosen parts:
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H (rev. 1.x)
G.Skill TridentZ RGB F4-3000C15D-16GTZR


As I was crawling across the G.Skill website, I realized something might be wrong and my target clock speed for RAM might not be attained by my motherboard. I went over to their "Memory Picker" or something like that where it shows what RAM are good for my motherboard of choice. I am surprised when I searched for my A320 motherboard, it is only maxed at 2666 MHz and I couldn't see that GSkill RGB there. I then went on to change again my motherboard (canvassed again) and 


Here are my updated chosen parts:
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
Gigabyte GA-AB350 GAMING3
G.Skill TridentZ RGB F4-3000C15D-16GTZR


So I then went back to G.Skill website to find it again if it is compatible but STILL I FOUND THAT SPECIFIC RAM STICK NOT IN THERE! So I got no more ideas left.


Can anyone please tell me a good motherboard that supports this particular ram stick or at least please suggest me a good rgb ram stick for my motherboard and cpu (since I would like to stretch the CPU to its best - basing on the phrase "higher ram clock speed than the specified ram clock speed for your cpu always mean better performance")


Also please give me a few more suggestions into getting the best performance per dollar on my custom build (which I would intend for some moderate gaming for popular titles like GTA V, some video editing and photoshops, and some light workloads)


Here is my chosen build so far (Please feel free to suggest optimizations):
Gigabyte GA-AB350 GAMING 3 - Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G - Processor
G.Skill TridentZ RGB F4-3000C15D-16GTZR - RAM
Corsair VS550 550W - PSU
Thermaltake View 21 - Case Chassis
Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB (360mm) - Liquid Cooling
Samsung LS22F355FHEXXP LED - Monitor


Please suggest a RGB RAM Stick if possible, I really like some good RGB Lighting for my setup....especially RAM

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The verified vendors lists aren't worth using. Read the manual of the motherboard or the product page to find out what kind of RAM speeds it supports.


That motherboard will also need a bios update prior to using Raven Ridge apus, so you'll need to obtain a loan cpu from AMD to update it. More info can be found here: https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/2Gen-Ryzen-AM4-System-Bootup.aspx

Alternatively the shop you buy the mobo from might be able to do this for you.


The RAM is compatible with the A320, but I wouldn't use one since they don't support overclocking.


The B350 will work fine with that RAM, albeit at either 2933 or 3200 mhz (though regarding the bios update changing this I don't know, as my X370-F used to only support 2933 but after a recent update could do 3000).


As for suggestions, it would depend on your budget. Though straight away I can tell you to put more money into your PSU, and drop the 360mm rad. Dropping the rad allows you to grab an RM550x instead or at least a CX550 if you're intent on investing your money elsewhere. Getting a cheaper case will also give you more money for a GPU, I'd consider a 1060 6GB.


I'm keeping everything else the way it was for anyone who might check out my answers in future, but I won't be using LTT.





Don't forget to quote me when replying to me!

Please explain your question fully, so I can answer it fully.

PSU Tier List Cooler Tier List SSD Tier List  My Specs Below!


My PC:

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.2GHz

Cooler: Stock Wraith Spire

RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3000mHz 16GB DDR4 (2x8GB) RGB

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix X370-F Gaming ATX

SSD: Crucial MX500 500GB 2.5"

HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200rpm

GPU: Asus ROG Strix OC GTX 1060 6GB

Case: Cooler Master H500P

PSU: Corsair RM650i 650W 80+ Gold Fully Modular

OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Fans: 4x Cooler Master Masterfan Pro 120 Air Balance


Potato Laptop (Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook, 2013):

CPU: Intel Ivy Bridge i5 3337U @ 1.8GHz

RAM: 8GB DDR3 2133mhz SODIMM (1x4GB Samsung, 1x4GB Kingston)

SSD: Kingston 24GB SSD (originally for caching)

HDD: HGST 500GB 5400rpm

GPU: Intel HD 4000 Graphics

OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit


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