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Are All Asus Monitors Junk?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This week I bought two ASUS PG279Q monitors to replace my ageing (but still good) dual Samsung S27A750D's which I bought back around 2009.


Well I expected 10 years of monitor development to be an improvement but besides the fact the Asus has height adjustment, everything else has been a massive let down.


I was after the best 27" WQHD in the market which is why I picked the PG279Q - yes my decision was based on price. For just under $2000 I expected way more but to have a glowing White spot on both models is just embarrassing. How can manufacturers get away with charging so much for Junk?!


Lll.let the pictures do the talking. The First image is of my older Samsung next to the Asus. The second image is of the two Asus models side by side. Sure to say, both are going in for warranty next week where I'll seek a store credit. What should I get instead?



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You just got extremely unlucky... Just replace both of them.. Or go buy a lottery ticket with your luck

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bad batch, I've opened about 10 of these and not one has had this issue.

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Laptop |CPU - i7 4720hq|GPU - 960m 2gb|Ram - 8gb 2x4|Model - y50-70 Touch|SSD - 240gb Patriot drive|Display - 1920x1080 IPS touch



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Asus in general doesn't have the best QC and that display in particular is known to have awful qc. it's basically a lottery for a good one



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Posted · Original PosterOP

Do you recommend I try my luck with another two? I'm Not trying to promote other brands but I went into a local pc store today hoping to see others on display. What I did find was Acer's model and I couldn't see any issues?


Is this the one to replace it with? I like the Asus bezel way more as I run two monitors side by side where as the Acers have a protruding bottom bezel - this will make it hard to precisely line the two up together .



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