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Arika S

1080p@144 vs 1440p@60 paired with GTX1070

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My SO is looking to get a new monitor to replace an aging 1080p@60 monitor which is limiting to a GTX1070. She doesn't really play any competitive games but is stuck deciding to get a bigger res or a faster refresh rate. bigger res would be good because she also wants to get a 27", but a higher refresh rate would be good as she's been noticing slight jitter in a few games while moving(which is not related to hardware, no bottlenecks or anything like that). 


Alternatively would a 1070 be comfortable with a 1440p@120/144? 

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If shes not into competitive aspects of games and does it for fun, Getting a 1440p/60hz monitor will be better for image quality in gaming. 

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1070 can do 1440p. i've been running 1440p for a while. but there are some titles that don't run so well at ultra/high settings


i'm sure it can do 120/144 fps if you dial down further 

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