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if there is a mouse in your room would you try to catch it or just run out of the room ?

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Ever tried to get a mouse? Those fuckers are damn fast it's not an easy task. It's far easier to just open a door and scare him from the opposite side so it runs out instinctively.


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I know that the chance of me actually being able to catch a quick footed mouse that can hide in the smallest nook and cranny, are extremely small to begin with and I know it can't really hurt me so I wouldn't run out of the room screaming either.


I'd just go get a mouse trap and put a bit of chunky peanut butter on it. (And wear gloves when handling the trap and the bait, if they can smell you on the trap, they will avoid it)

Mice in the wild eat things like seeds, nuts and fruits.

But indoor mice love sweet food like chocolate and maplesyrup, they have a sweet tooth but generally Peanut Butter is your best bet for it is both sweet and nutty.


We've probably killed over 50 mice so far over the years in various different apartments. Last time was 3 months ago, killed 5 of them, 2 on the same day and the rest over the course of a week.

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I am pretty sure that you can arm a roomba somehow, but without using chemicals (dangerous) or firearms (puts holes in walls) I am not sure how you could properly engage a mouse. Maybe you could make an air pressure powered net gun, or a directed microwave HERF (provided that your PC was not in range of the beam). Tracking mice is doable with deep convolutional neural nets like caffe.

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On 4-6-2018 at 5:11 PM, Natasha22 said:

lets say you are gaming on your PC or your console and suddenly you saw a mouse 

what will you do ?

close the door and try to catch it or just run out of the room ?

u certainly cannot catch that quick little fucker,  u should lookout if there is a mouse infestation on ur house or somthing, because they can carry diseases and pee on certain parts in ur house to attract more of em, their poop can be contiminated and whatever they nibble on can be infected aswell, 1 mouse means there is more and a big enough reason to check around or contact help


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I had one in the house not long ago and lucky for me I haven't seen him since.  He died somewhere or just got out.  Now as for an experience at another person's house well at my son's stepmom's place I decided to pick up the dirty laundry that was left all over the bottom of the stair area leading up to the top floor and well inside the laundry I saw what was left of a mouse.  I was surprised I did not jump or act scared.  I looked at it and saw that it was all hollowed out.  Later on I was thank by my son's stepmom for having found it first because it would have killed her and my son finding that.  I said to her maybe tie a string to it and it would make a really neat cat toy. LOL!

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No need for hypotheticals for me, I've caught several mice in my old house.

I usually just take off my hat (some sort of cloth winter hat) to use as an impromptu glove and just snatch'em up.

My cats / dogs were usually useless as they were more interested in playing with the mouse then catching it.

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If you ever encounter a wild mouse in your house... find the nearest stool to hop on and scream... else you could get eaten by the wee lil rodent...


Source from this: 




Sorry this is form a german "news mag" so article in german... may google translae it for you, or what ever babelfish you trust in.

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id probably try to feed it and make it a pet

"I know its stupidly overdone and unreasonably unneccesary but wouldnt it be awesome if ..."




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2 hours ago, cluelessgenius said:

id probably try to feed it and make it a pet

They'll die from stress in 2 weeks. I caught two a year ago, and was going to release them outside city limits, but nope.

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