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Posted · Original PosterOP

So lately my PC started to thermal throttle and i had a av-z7uh40q001 and I have been surfing the Internet trying to find if it is compatible with my g70a-g/3.1 I have a fx 8350 

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If it just started to thermal throttle and you have not changed anything, you probably need to just clean it. Take it apart and blow all of the dust out of the cooler. Also, try some different thermal paste such as Arctic MX-4.

2 minutes ago, Jayjaysquid said:

Can you help me please

Also, be patient for a response. I noticed you posted this like, 1 minute after you original post. It takes time for people to collect advice and do research. Please be patient. :) 

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Please Quote or tag me @GigabitXe to make sure I see your reply. 

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Yes, it's compatible. AM3 / AM3+ use the same mounts.

If you ever need help with a build, read the following before posting: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/3061-build-plan-thread-recommendations-please-read-before-posting/
Also, make sure to quote a post or tag a member when replying or else they won't get a notification that you replied to them.

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