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Windows not booting

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Let me go straight to the point. I tried 4 different Windows installation's: 2x Windows 8.1, 1x Windows 7 and 1x Windows 10. When installing Windows 8.1 it will install fine, boot fine, but when i am are on the desktop the computer freezes and it wont boot anymore. Same with the other copy of Win 8.1. Windows 7 will install fine, boot fine, and work normally on the desktop but when you restart it the computer gives a black screen after the ''Starting Windows'' screen. Windows 10 will install but it gets stuck on the getting started screen after the install.


Computer parts:

Intel Q6600



USB3.0 Expansion card from Transcend

Blu-Ray Reader

Asrock G31M-GS

Kingston SSDVNow 300 120GB

WD Blue 160GB 7200rpm


The GT 740, Kingston SSD, WD HDD and the USB3.0 Expansion card work normally in my other pc.

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huh, that is rather weird. I used to have a problem like this, but only during windows 10 installation. I tried different slots for my RAM and tried to reseat the SATA cable. but they didn't work, so, I asked my friend, who also had more or less the same specs as me to lend me parts for troubleshooting, and I realised that I had a bad HDD. I swapped it out, and my computer has been running smoothly ever since. If you have a spare HDD or have a friend who would lend you one, you could try that out, but I can't promise anything

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