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How could I make my mic sound like crap?

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Aim a fan at it, done.

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Just get a crap mic or imitate terrible voice cracks.


Aim for a sound similar to this:


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Drop it /s


aim a fan at it, blare music through it, pour water on it and hope it doesn’t kill the entire thing.

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Max out gain

make it either far away or right in you mouth

lay it on the side

Have a fan blowing on it constantly


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1 minute ago, channingspike said:

Is there a way I could get a bad sound from it without buying a new mic?

You could mess with the audio track you record in a tool like Audacity.

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Depending on how the mic is set up (for example my new mic can't sound crap like I think you are trying to get it to) you can just remove the material filter, as long as you are sure you can get it back on without breaking it or are okay with breaking the filter


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Leave things as they are.

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Pick up a $5 mic off of eBay, up the gain until it starts badly clipping (shouldn't take much).

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