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Office chair search, need a hand.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

First off not really sure where to park this, so if this is the wrong place my apologies.


Onwards with the main message:


I been looking at a new office chair for a long long time now, mainly cause it is hard to find something I think suits me and two the need to safe up cause good chairs do not come cheap it seems. So I have come down to what seem to be my 3 options and I would like to hear from people who might have knowledge/experience with these chairs:


Okamura Contessa

Okamura CP Baron

Herman Miller Aeron


Now I am likely going to try and find a refurbished unit to keep the price somewhat in line as with new ones the prices range from 900 to 1600+ EUR (I am in the Netherlands not to mention Okamura is very hard to come by). The reason I found these 3 so far is the fact that they come with mesh seats and backrests and I tend to be quite warm so anything to keep me cool and dry is much appreciated. Secondly I spend a lot of time behind my PC 4 to 10 hours a day easily (I have to many hobbies which park me behind my PC :P)


The Aeron is of course a well know entity, but the issue is that those with the right things and size on refurb prices can go to 700-800 EUR which pushed them towards to a new Okamura CP Baron (fully loaded 1050 EUR) so I am not really sure which would be the best deal. The Contessa seems to be very much a Aeron competitor and comes in new at 1250 EUR, have not seem them mesh on mesh in the refurb anywhere, but the fabric on mesh I have seen for 440 EUR so that gives an indication. Now with the refurbs headrests seem to be uncommon and as a tall person I am a fan of those as with pretty much all of these chairs the backrest comes to just shoulder height and I like to lean back at times.


So yeah ups and downs all around so I really love to hear from people about these chairs or if people have an other option I would love to hear about it, there are so many damn chairs out there it is hard to see them all.


Much thanks in advance.

"Hope, what a concept." - Deunan Knute

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I've got the Herman miller one (3 Actually), Pretty nice but I'd probably get one with a leather seat back now I've had one.

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1 minute ago, Canada EH said:

you have to sit in the chair to see if its right for you


Totally agree.

Every homan body is different from one another, so you really should go out to a store and try them out yourself!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I would love to try them all out, but alas not really an option except for the Aeron :(

"Hope, what a concept." - Deunan Knute

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Thats why you go to a store specializing in chairs and sit in a bunch of them. I did that not to long ago at Staples, however I didnt care as I wasnt buying a chair, but I was zooming around the store floor in those "gaming" chairs plus I was testing the strength of the base by leaning way back and seeing how much the chair flexes.

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13 minutes ago, Carde said:

would love to try them all out, but alas not really an option


From your profile infromation: 'Location: Outerspace'

I can totally understand that there isn't any specialized store nearby ;)

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I have ordered the Autonomous.ai ErgoChair 2

They have 15 day trial, at least for my region.

Will get it in July.

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