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Internet Bonding

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Hello everyone, so just about tonight I found out about Internet bonding, saw a video from a guy named Nerdgasm, and then another one from Linus, I saw they both used a device and connected two different ethernet cables from two different modems and it seemed like that device combined both internet connections and provided one including both speeds. So my question is, will this work as I suppose it should work? Like having double download speed and upload? 

I'm from Venezuela, unfortunately we have a monopoly in terms of basic services such as electricity, internet, etc. I already got the maximum internet speed I could have in this country, in the black market I end up paying somewhere around $3 usd a month for a 10mb down and 1mb up, it's not awful but not the best, I was wondering If I get that bonding device and connected two modems providing 10mb each one or maybe one 10mb and the other one 6mb, will I end up getting 20mb down or 16mb down? I want to download games faster on my Xbox One, will this be the solution? 

Btw I already have two phone numbers at my house, so I just have to activate the internet on my other phone number and get that bonding device. Bear in mind that for me there's no such thing as paying more for more speed as I already have the maximum speed in the whole country.


Thank you 

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it all depens. If the line to your house doesn't support more you are in bad luck anyways, you could put two modems there but that won't help.
If there is a better line but it isn't utilized completly then it might work, but the way linus did it was by using a system which was provided by the ISP. You also need a box at the ISP side to put "the data back together" again. So unless your isp provides this service it wont work.
You could try to get 2 modems and have a load balancer in between, but this wont provide you with double the bandwith. it could make your connection more reliable, but when not done right it could also make it worse.

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Hello im from Venezuela too and i bonded my 2 ISP conection (Inter & some private ISP) and have a total of 6mbps, you can do it buy yourself but is a little complicated if you dont know about networking, i use an old pc to run a PFSense router with 3 NIC's 1 lan 1 ISP1 1 ISP2, i rented a VPS server (the cheapest one 5$ a month) and dispacht a VPN Server, in my PFsense router i make 2 Conections to my VPN each one goin out with 1 ISP, them i loadbalance both VPN Conections and configure my NAT to get to the internet from the new gateway (both VPN-ISP Conections) and suceffuly bond my 2 IPS, but there is something to say, i not every time download at 6mbps (600kbps) because to download at that speed the download server/provider have to use multiple channels to download (to use both VPN Conections) if i download in steam can use 6mbps od with jdownloader too, but a direct download from website is goin to use only 1 conection because wotn support multiple channel, speedtest uses multiple channel on their test too.


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aonther thing if you use Netflix you have to make another configuration using static IP on the devide and telling to pfsense use the ISP 1 or ISP 2 gateway (not the VPN conections) to go to internet, because netflix have a proxu cheker and almost all VPS are on their list of proxy you cant use de VPN conection to watch netflix

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