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Far Cry 5 AA fix please

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Why is it that every year Ubisoft manages to do this thing where "Your polygons just got sharper, but the rest is garbage" bullshit they pull out of the depths of their assholes. look the screenshots here, Far Cry 3 looks slightly satisfying with no AA, while FC5 can't go without it. Anyway to fix this, TAA doesn't work well in this game (unlike Battlefield 1's TAA) and it makes grass look very blurry. I heard about some drivers that can help out with third part AA. An R9 390 is my GPU.


I know some may argue that FC5 has more details so that's why it's more prone to jagged lines, but it's not true, it is less sharp, even less so than FC4. Also this problem is much like Watch Dogs 2 as well.VFG3.png.0c9f2bfcf589be2a3c87c5f46b73cee3.pngfc5.png.526b8d9cf281a5ca3640eccf9833d1a6.png

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Well, I play using AA and the game looks fine. And by fine I mean AMAZING, even on medium with textures on low, it is a beautiful game.

Never tested without AA though.

Ultra is stupid. ALWAYS.

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I have a reshade preset that I use for games with TAA to help remove blur. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AouyCG5EmVlD5DT9nKqy6xA9e_Rl.

Just extract the files in the folder called TAA Sharpening to your far cry 5 folder where the .exe is located. You can adjust the sharpness in the SweetFX_settings.txt file. Just look for lumarsharpen and increase or decrease in small amounts.

Also make sure resolution scale is set to 1 in graphics options.

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