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Thinking about getting one of these to use with my 2002 miata... anyone here used it before?


I also have a friend with a $200 1st gen DSM who want's to look into it as well.


for those who don't know: It's essentially a fully customizable car ECU based off an Arduino; more info here: https://speeduino.com/wiki/index.php/Speeduino

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I know basically nothing about how an ecu works, but I'd worry that an arduino won't have enough processing power to handle that task properly 

I used to have guides here

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IMHO you'd be much better investing in a megasquirt or microsquirt. While the speeduino's are neat and DO work, they are very raw and very unrefined. They'll need another few years for them to become reliably decent. I have one here i got to mess around with. I've been dealing with Megasquirt since early 2000's and it too them many years to get it refined to where it was what i call competitive and good

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