This is a follow-on to my earlier build log linked below. I've decided to rebuild the computer from the ground up in two stages. This is the first stage where I will redo the motherboard and CPU, swap the tubes from PETG to Glass, and make some cosmetic changes all around. I will also be fixing some mistakes from the first build with the case itself such as bad drilling and planning for the holes and other minor mistakes. Stage 2 will be a smaller update where I will swap out the GPUs from dual 980Ti cards to next generation 1180Ti cards when those release. The CPU has been delidded with liquid metal applied as well.     The Parts:   PCPP Link: Album link:   Cutting Tools: Dremel - Bit -   Original Build:   The Teardown:
Tore everything apart to find the Primochill Vue had stripped several fittings of their plating/coating. Some pictures are untouched fittings to give an example of the before. Those with copper/brass showing are the aftermath. Not all fittings were touched and while most were fine, some were pretty badly stripped of coating.   The Building:     The reforged computer: