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Ryzen 2700 stock cooler vs. aftermarket cooler

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I saw Joker Productions video on Ryzen's new cooler compared to Be Quiet's new $75 cooler.  The difference was shown to be about 5 frames per second in-game.  In all fairness, it probably is a lot quieter.  However, I'm not sure 5 frames is a significant difference.  Is it really worth buying an aftermarket cooler if we can just turn down Shadows from "Ultra" to "Medium" instead?  I do see the concern if, for whatever reason, the framerate is under 50.  But If you're only going from 130 to 135, who cares?

PC Build: R5-1600.  Scythe Mugen 5.  GTX 1060.  120 GB SSD.  1 TB HDD.  FDD Mini C.  8 GB RAM (3000 MHz).  Be Quiet Pure Wings 2.  Capstone-550.  Deepcool 350 RGB.

Peripherals: Qisan Magicforce (80%) w/ Gateron Blues.  Razer Naga Chroma.  Lenovo 24" 1440p IPS.  PS4 Controller.

Audio: Focusrite (Solo, 2nd), SM57, Triton Fethead, AKG c214, Sennheiser HD598's, ATH-M50x, AKG K240, Novation Launchkey

Wishlist: MP S-87, iPad, Yamaha HS5's, more storage

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You can always get the cooler later, so if you can't afford it or can't find a reason to get it, then fine stick with the stock cooler.

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