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Recommend to me the best motorized standing desk

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am moving into a new apartment next week and I want a motorized standing desk help me decide between ALL of these insane choices. Here's the requirements.


Max budget: $1500

Looking for maximum work area, either the longest table possible or a large L-shaped desk (and I have a feeling L shaped desks will be more sturdy at height)

Stability. Spending this much money, I do not want to hate it and have it wobble at height.

Weight capacity. It's going to be a large desk with a full sided tower and two monitors on it, mic arm.. equipment. Should hold as much weight as possible.

Speed is probably not at all an issue. I can't imagine it being so slow it's actually a problem.


What I have considered:

Right now I'm thinking the VertDesk 3 L shaped desk is the best bang for buck and would likely hit all the marks. It has cross braces and the L shape itself should keep it sturdy and it holds 375Lbs. One thing though is the top it comes with has a sharp corner meaning you can't really use that corner area for much since you wouldn't really want to sit there. Makes me feel like there's a lot of wasted space. I'd love to see an L desk setup like this from someone else.


Vivistand Quattro.This is a $1500 table.... It's a decent size and it has four motorized legs that I assume are super stable. This is an option as well but if the Vertdesk is good, it might be a better deal. If this is a much higher quality desk, I may get this and put a regular desk to the side of it.

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Anyone know where other than ikea to get table tops? looking for 72-74" x 30-32".

all the standing desk companies online sell desks with dimensions of 72x30. But none of them just sell the desk top.


I bought this frame for $281.13 CAD after tax and shipping.:  https://www.primecables.ca/p-365544-cab-m02-23r-bk-stm02-3-sit-stand-dual-motor-height-adjustable-desk-frame-electric-black-standing-portable-primecables?atc_source=search%23sit+stand+desk


I am contacting this person about getting a desktop made.


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