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Cant take control of my H100i V2

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi Guys

I have an H100i V2 cooling an R7 1700 on an Asus Crosshair VI Hero, I have been having problems with the pump. I  am going to list below the problems 1st

1. Internal USB connector randomly connecting and disconnecting

2. Qfan set to disabled but still altering the pump speed

3. Unable to keep any changes i make in the Bios, Ai sweet or Corsair link.

4. at one point it just stopped pumping and overheated then shut down.

I  thought i had finally resolved the issue when i changed the pump header while switched on, this had a positive effect for a day, I had finally had the pump running at 2800rpm.

My new issue is this; all looks well however if i change the pump to Quiet it runs at the correct speed of 1800rpm but if i increase it to performance it goes up to 2800 then drops to 1300.

I  have had enough and was wondering if anyone could help.

P.S I am aware there are known issues with my motherboard and i  have tried every fix in every forum and they only work for a few hours if lucky.

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20 minutes ago, Protongog said:

1. Internal USB connector randomly connecting and disconnecting

Could pump be defective?

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