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Good pair of gaming headphones without microphone?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Are there any Sennheiser gaming headphones that don’t include the microphone? Yes I know I could just put it upand not use it, but I prefer one without a microphone like the HD 558 I have. By “gaming” headset, I am referring to one that has 7.1 surround. The HD 558s sound great and crisp, but the lack of 7.1 makes for slightly less accurate surround sound in games. 


It doesn’t have to be specifically Sennheiser, but I prefer something of similiar style and build quality. Looking to spend under $200. Also, I prefer open back headphones.



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Download the 7.1 surround sound software online?

iirc they have for free, razer surround sound for starters? or creative one or dolby digital that comes with windows (from microsoft store). And most new games have good sound engine that posses these surround sound feature so that downloading another one is not really necessary.. If you play CSGO theres the HRTF feature, OW got the dolby one (iirc) and other have their own..

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Virtual 7.1 makes headphones far less accurate in games. That sucks for positional audio, it’s just a marketing tool. If you think it’s better it’s a placebo.

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