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NextCloud has no RAID solution it seems. What do you suggest?

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What would you run NextCloud on? I am considering using unRaid's RAID solution and running the NextCloud Docker container. Or potentially setting up ZFS system with Docker as well.

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Almost all storage solutions are transparent to the application addressing them.

IF nextcloud baked in RAID support at the application level...I'm not even sure how that would work on top of being a metric butt load of work.


Docker is great, I use it all the time. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the relevant docker compose arguments so that your container can address your storage array.


If it were me, I would just use FreeNAS and then look into getting the docker container running on there. Or simply sharing your storage via network drive and accessing it that way.

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Also, proxmox can run containers and VMs and supports ZFS/ceph/etc

Can Anybody Link A Virtual Machine while I go download some RAM?


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Load it on to ZFS.


I can contest it works well under FreeBSD and can be jailed no problem. The nice side of that is the jail can't see ZFS at all so the snapshots are isolated from the application. (You can use ZFSTools or similar software to take auto rotating snapshots from cron.) With that type of load out you get the best performance because there isn't a hypervisor involved and great security and immunity to data destruction and ransomware attacks.


FreeNAS should have a jail container setup for this I'd imagine but I really don't use FreeNAS as it's just a web frontend for freebsd.


For containers an analogy could be that jails would be like.. well jails.. where as docker would be a paper bag.

"Only proprietary software vendors want proprietary software." - Michael Dexter

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