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HDD not detected on startup

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Ever since the last big windows update (I think it was the fall creators update?) when I power on my PC one of my two hard drives won't show up in windows.

However, simply restarting is enough to have it show up again and usaully after the first restart, the drive will continue to show up until the next day,


My question is, is this some sort of windows issue? or a sign that my hard drive is dying?



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Does it shop up in drive management? (when it doesn't appear)


File Explorer > Right click "Computer" > Drive Management


If it does, try CheckDisk:

 Windows Start Menu > Type CMD > Right click and Run as Admin > Type "chkdsk <INSERT DRIVE LETTER>" and hit return

For example to Check disk C: you would use the command:

chkdsk C:


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12 minutes ago, Lord_Danalite said:

No, it doesn't show up in disk management when it doesn't show up in explorer and i've never seen it show up in BIOS

It may be a power delivery fault, or something to do with the drive hardware. Try changing the SATA plug or the SATA power to the HDD. If both do not work then it's either a severe software fault or a severe drive fault. 



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Try pulling the drive and connecting to another system or a HDD dock. Pull up the SMART data on the drive with a free tool such as CrystalDiskInfo and see what that says. Feel the drive as you give it power, you should feel the platters inside spin.

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