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Touchscreen Laptop Driver Board

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Long story short, I'm trying to figure out a driver board solution to use a dell laptop touchscreen for a DIY arcade solution. I've ordered driver boards for laptop screens in the past and never had an issue finding them, but this dell inspiron 7737 screen is proving to be a problem. I don't want to pull the case apart to find the model of the actual lcd, and even if i did i still cant seem to find a solution to use the touchscreen as a usb input device. Any help would be great. Also the screen assembly part number is Dell 01nw4x

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Not sure if Dell uses the same layout I did the same thing with a HP touch screen and the driver board doesn't need to control the touch function.  The screen had two separate connectors, the standard 40 pin and a second 4 pin that connected to a USB header on the motherboard.  I used a 40 pin ebay controller and replaced the 4 pin connector with a male USB plug.

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