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Overwatch's depth and complexity is underrated

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18 hours ago, Giganthrax said:

Overwatch is perfect in that it's easy to learn but insanely difficult to master. In addition to having most of the difficulty of a typical modern shooter, you also gotta learn teamwork if you want to compete at highest levels. Frankly, you'd have to be pretty dense (or salty) to say that Overwatch doesn't have depth and complexity. 


EDIT: In fact, this complexity is kinda its enemy. It's hard to watch for most people because it requires a ton of game knowledge to be able to follow a professional match. 


Yes, it's actually the combination of those two things that creates difficulty in understanding the game for many people.


Many people enter the game thinking it's a regular first person shooter and their goal is to get the most medals.  None of the in-game tutorials even talk about team fights, Ult economy or anything like that.

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