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I edit 4K content on dual monitors. What should I upgrade to.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Right now I have 2 Samsung - UE590 Series 28" LED 4K UHD Monitors. They were on sale for Black Friday, and will maybe be repurposed into TVs. They don't have a standard vesa mount and their large size while much appreciated, cannot easily be mounted together as I haven't been able to find many dual 28in stands. But even if I could these monitors, have 75mm vesa mounts at the very top of the monitors.. weird. And I am used to it now, but I remember how disappointed I felt when I left my 1080p IPS monitor for these, how the TN panel just didn't look right, but I am pretty used to it now, but I don't know how much it could be affected my editing work.


What I do:

Edit 4K video content



What I want:

Minimal bezels for dual mount

Large size

I don't know if I can go back to 1080p, probably have to stay with 4K or at minimum 2K



I'd rather not spend more than $600 each but let me see what you show me.

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You can pick up a couple of decent 27" 4K IPS monitors for around $400, total, $200 each, including shipping. If you're paying around $600 for one, you're being ripped off. And you're right, it's never worth going from IPS back to old fashioned TN panels, especially for image or video editing.


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