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PC Per & HWC Collaborative Giveaway

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Cool, commented on all three, I probably won't win, but I hope one of us here in the forums wins! :D


Is it just me or does HardwareCanucks have the most badass video quality ever? It's like their videos are shot with cameras powered by pixie dust and use lenses made by fairies!

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I know I'm not gonna win and even if I do, since I live in Quebec the damn thing will be invalidated anyways.

That said, whoever wins, will need to buy an LGA 1150 motherboard. Not the best idea in the world to give away a CPU but not the other main component that same CPU goes into.

And a PSU and RAM and SSD and HDD etc...

But it is argued I should join because I dunno where to get a Custom Loop here...

But that means if I win the components will not be assembled into one piece,instead my Domain Controller on the shelf will be liquid cooled,the case will be scrapped for metal to repair other stuff and stripped of the roller wheels to repair broken luggage bags,the R9 290 will go with the i3 2120 to mine LiteCoins,and the 4670K will be paired with an C222/C224/C226 server motherboard for the headless file server...

Nah I do not deserve this at all.Not going to join anyway.

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Whats the motherboard?

My Build Log on PCPartPicker FX-6300, ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3, MSI 7870 GHz Edition, Corsair Vengeance LP 1x8GB, 1TB WD Blue, Fractal Core 1000 USB 3.0, Corsair CX600, and my most recent addition that I've had forever and isnt new is a 80GB WD800 for Linux, Lenovo ThinkPad X131e, ASUS Transformer TF300T, Galaxy Note 3 Sister dropped it in a puddle I now have to use a Samsung Brightside, Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250ohm version, Blue Yeti  #TheRealKEH-JEFF | "Sometimes, if were lucky, in Australia, a family has 2 kangaroos to pick up the kids with" - marto | Your entry here | Remember kids; just because Linus has a video on it, doesn't mean that its the best choice | ts3.wferr.com the best TeamSpeak Abide by the CoC | Looking for build help? Read this before posting |
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