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Monero Hard Fork successful, an amazing day for home miners on consumer hardware

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Monero forked to Monero7 last night, rendering all ASIC miners useless.


Yesterday the Nethash was over 1GH/s. Although pool Nethash calculators have not updated and won't for a few days, the time every block was found went from every 120 seconds, to every 821 seconds. This is a predicted Nethash drop to around 165MH/s. This is an insane drop in Nethash, and shows just how many miners were ASIC miners. The pool I mine on alone saw a 50% decrease in hashrate. I saw no decrease in performance on my mining servers.


The result is consumer hardware is significantly more profitable to mine on now, and the servers I built to mine Monero/Cryptonight currencies are gonna get bigger payouts than they ever have. I expect to see a steady increase in Monero's value over the coming weeks/months. Getting rid of ASIC miners is crucial to a currencies long term survival and for keeping the privacy attributes of Monero safe. Few people having the majority of the Nethash is very bad, and now its going to be a LOT more spread out. 


Funny thing, also "Monero Classic" is a thing now, a altcoin of Monero which ASIC's can still mine. However its missing many of some key privacy features meaning its pretty much a fake coin which is an attempt for ASIC manufacturers to keep selling the ASICs.

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"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing" - John Powell

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