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I need halp (Wifi access point and ethernet RJ45)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

First of all: Hi everyone! 

Second of all: English is not my native language so please ignore my grammar :D


So I'm switching my room with my mother, both are next to each other. Now, I have an RJ45 passing through two rooms to the one I have my PC now and I need to extend that RJ45 so I can reach the new room which is 3 rooms far from the router. Also, I would like to install here a Wifi Access point so I can use wifi in my new room. So, I was wondering what is the best solution, maybe there is an access point capable of both things, or maybe I need to use an ethernet hub in order to duplicate the connection and have one for the access point and the other for my room IDK guys. 


Hope you can help me and thanks in advance!

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some wifi access points have a 2 port switch that should do what you need, other options is to use a small switch as you say to duplicate the connection.


Take a look for the wifi access point options you want to use and see if they include a multiport switch or not.

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You could get a more powerful AP, is there a real reason why you cannot do this?

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Hi, 「Neͥrdͣtͫality」noice to meet you... :3


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