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How do I clean my Gaming pc Out?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hey there guys so i got my custom rig in november last year i have never cleaned a pc out before so  but i am pretty sure its ready and easy to do so however  for its first clean i was wondering what i should use i have a air compressor outside the back and i think i may have some left over can of compressed air thanks!

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turn off pc

flick the power switch on your PSU on the back

unplug power cable

unplug monitor / usb cables


take your pc case outside or garage (don't want dust in your room or house)

blow the dust out with air compressor / compressed air until satisfied 


take pc back in

plug in cables for monitor / whatever else

plug in power cable

flick power switch on PSU

click power button

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27 minutes ago, Dellboy56 said:

do u need to take things out like my GPU etc or not

When I cleaned mine out I didn't take any major components out, but make sure to get all the different angles and spaces where dust can build up. Honestly it might have just been easier for me to take everything out to be sure that I got all the dust out, but it's up to you.

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depending on how old the computer is, it might be worth redoing the thermal paste on the cpu as well.  its not mandatory, but its good to do every few years.

How do Reavers clean their spears?

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You need to clean the CPU and GPU heatsinks as well. 

Dust may have accumulated between the heatsink fins and will reduce cooling performance. 


So you may have to remove the GPU to properly clean it, and remove the CPU heatsink. 

By removing the CPU heatsink, you will also have to reapply the thermal paste. Using the old one is worse than not cleaning at all. 

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When using a compressor or compressed air, be sure to hold the fans still when blowing on them.  Otherwise they may start spinning beyond their maximum RPM, generate electricity and feed that into the motherboard etc. 


It's quite easy to hold case fans and GPU fans in place, just put your finger between the blades.  Don't push hard on the blades themselves, you don't want to bend one of those and cause the fan to go out of balance. 

For CPU coolers where it's difficult to reach the fan itself, I tend to slide a big zip tie between the fins and through the CPU fan.  That way I can blow as much air through the fins as I like and the fan won't move.



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Simple. Unplug everything from your computer. All the cables.

After, hold the power button for 10 seconds to discharge any power.

Take your computer outside and open the side panel.

Get a vacuum cleaner and insert the tube to blow. Most industrial and high wattage vacuum's have this.

Blow air using the vacuum hose through all the fans, for a good 5 - 10 seconds.

Blow air using the vacuum hose thought any graphic card exhausts, which is the back of the graphics card, and do that fir 5 - 10 seconds.

Finally, use the hose to blow air through any fan filters. If possible, take them out and give them a wipe with a damp cloth.

Now, turn your vacuum to suck mode.

Gather any dust that is visible using the hose.

Give the PC a good wipe around the case with a damp cloth.

After that, put the side panel back on and your done!


Good luck man ✌


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