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Best size of Res for Corsir 750D?

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I'm currently put my watercooling loop together right now and i actually ordered the wrong reservoir for my setup. I accidentally (by accidentally i mean I didnt check beforehand) got a 250ml Tube res (10.6 inches) and would not work in my rig. 


What would be an ideal size for a loop that has One 360mm Rad, One 240mm Rad, R9 290, Fx-8350, with a Swiftech D5 pump moving it all around. 


The space I have to work with is limited, all I have left is next to the motherboard (ATX size) and below the 5.25" bay. 

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the size of the reservoir is not so important. Because (like AIO) you do not need it. The only reason for having it (besides the cool look) is to refill the loop and get easier access when it comes to maintain the loop.


Another side effect is, when you have a res, the bigger it is the more fluid you have in the loop and the better the temp management gets because you'll have more medium (fluid) that's cooling.


You can go with ever size you want, much more important is its fast access that you can do maintenance or refilling.


GreetZ Naj


Intel i7 7820X (delidded) @ 4.9GHz - MSI X299 M7 ACK + EKWB Fullcover Block - G.Skill Trident Z 32GB @ 3466MHz - nVidia Titan Xp + EKWB Fullcover Block @ 2.1GHz - Samsung 960Pro 2x - WDD Blue 2TB - Seasonic 750W Platinum - modded Corsair 600C - Hardtubed Custom Watercooling

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